• February 27, 2016
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‘Content is King’ – that’s the common refrain nowadays; an integral part of brands’ overall marketing mix. Hence, a content strategy that ensures return on investment is a top priority for marketers. Here are eight ideas to cement your content strategy.

1. A Content Blueprint
A content blueprint is essential for planning long-term goals, mapping the target audience and understanding their engagement requirements.

2. As fresh As It Gets
Consistently fresh, unique content demonstrates thought leadership and seen as providing valuable insights.

3. Measuring Success
Figuring out what works and what doesn’t is essential to move ahead with a strategic approach to various performance parameters – website traffic; Leads; email database; ranking; benchmarking etc.

4. Asking The Right Questions
It’s important for brands to to ask themselves “why” before freezing promotional plans- a strategy based on reporting metrics, and identifying and researching the target audience should provide the right answers.

5. Resonate With Your Target Audience [TA]
Facebook Advertising is an ingenious way of testing different messages across different audiences and validating their resonance. Similar data points that throw light on consumer preferences, demographics and engagement patters are invaluable. You need to speak the language of the TA and tell them what they want to listen.

7. Brand Continuity Focused Messaging
Putting a consistent messaging system in place will drive social interactions – audience characteristics, hierarchy of messages and themes, style and brand guidelines, and brand voice and personality. Story telling does the trick in most cases – to weave your messaging in an interesting manner is a great engagement tactic.

8. Social Media
Social media is the unquestioned platform for content driven marketing strategies. A compelling but distinct messaging strategy across B2C [Facebook , Twitter etc] and B2B [Linkedin] platforms will help in catering to a diverse and larger audience with wastage factor getting minimized.