• July 14, 2018
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Be Your Customer’s Hero

Today’s highly competitive and cluttered business environment where potential customers have endless options demands putting the customer on the pedestal through a superior experience.

Speed is of essence

Any delay in responding to customers is a huge opportunity missed. And you may be opening a window of opportunity for your competitors. Quick response and effective resolutions to customer concerns and queries will propel you to outsmart competition and reach the top.

Customers’ insight and feedback is most valuable

The catalyst of change in strategy is the customers voice. Hence, customer feedback is extremely insightful for customer support and product teams. Customer feedback process can actually unlock all sorts of benefits for increasing conversion, retention, and customer value across the entire organization.

Product proposition focused on customer needs (and not always on what they want)

It’s important to get real-time feedback from the customers on their needs and wants, but when it comes to building products you need to use your own vantage point to build something that’s both realistic and useful. People didn’t know about some of the greatest products until they arrived, and now they can’t live without them!

Customer Service is the key differentiator

As product line USPs blur, the only way to survive and sustain strong customer relationships is to offer a service that makes you stand out from your competitors. While every business strives to improve customer retention rates, the most effective way to go about earning customer loyalty is to make your service so exceptional that it keeps customers coming back to you. Creating a delightful and memorable experience for your customers by paying attention to details is the first step towards making your service a key differentiator. Having dedicated points of contact for the customers humanizes relationships.

Small benefits can lead to big gains and enduring relationships

Unexpected rewards or credits is a novel way to a customer’s heart by showing them that you care. Uber is a classic example. This strategy has the potential to turn customers into a lifelong, loyal brand advocate. This is because brands who surprise and delight their customers often provide an exceptional customer experience in doing so.

Service Design is a bridge between strategy and customer experience

Customer service needs to be grounded in your company’s identity. It starts with what you want and ends with delivering on your promise to customers. The service design needs to be proactive taking into cognizance choices, actions and consequences.