• December 21, 2015
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Data from the Internet monitoring is a vital element of your online operation. It provides you with a valuable information about a brand and its performance in social media. Depending on your marketing strategy and activity profile, you can apply it in many areas. Main fields in which you can apply Internet monitoring data are:

  • Estimation of the buzz density — how many contents appeared about a specific brand, product or service;
  • Estimation of social media reach — how many people encountered with contents concerning a defined topic;
  • Analysis of sentiment structure — what is the attitude of social media authors towards a specific brand;
  • Estimation of the number of contacts — how many people interact with contents about a brand (like, share or comment);
  • In-depth analysis of contents — in what context people write about your brand;
  • Analysis of social media authors — who are people who write about your brand (gender, age);
  • Aanalysis of sources — on which platforms and web sites your clients are active.

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