• February 29, 2016
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Finding and fixing marketing problems in real-time – It is all about speed, predictability, transparency, adaptability and integrating the marketing and operational skills.

Breaking-free from tried and tested practice solutions to old problems is the new norm. It’s about uncovering the problems you’re having right now and deciding, for yourself, how to prioritize, allocate and attack the issues that need solutions, with alacrity.

  • Right people with the right mindset: The agility of marketing relies on the abilities of the people behind it – flexible and open to change; impeccable focus on deadlines; self-starters who are constantly re-evaluating for improving speed of response.
  • Innovative and adaptive mind frame : An evolving approach to the evolving data and responding to customer needs on the spot – being able to catch problems early and tossing up equally quick solutions to get on top of the biggest hurdles.
  • An unequivocal focus on short-term goals : Accomplishing tasks with deadlines of weeks, days, or even hours is the perfect stepping stone towards the longer term vision and goals, helping stay in-tune with the industry and keeping pace with today’s ever-evolving marketing world.
  • A frequent ‘Test and Iteration’ structure: Tracking, measuring, inspecting and adjusting to constantly correlate and analyze actions with results and then taking a hard look at the strategy.
  • Clear and simple processes: Simplicity drives speed and allows for innovation to tackle frequent challenges of the ever increasing pace of marketing needs and asks.

Agile methodologies shape the way modern marketers approach their strategies and campaigns – flexibility to change plans mid-way, try new ideas and think small scale.

You may fail fast, but the key is learn equally fast!